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As your Sheriff, my priorities will be:

  • Keeping Boulder County Safe
    As the Sheriff, I will work hard to prevent and solve crime. Using my experience in law enforcement, I will work to address crime where it starts and will work to reduce our jail populations by continuing to implement smart policies that ensure only our serious offenders are kept incarcerated. I will bring my experience of over twenty years in community service to our department and ensure that deputies have the best tools and training to address the crimes occurring in our community.
  • Hiring and Retaining the Right People
    I will re-evaluate our recruiting efforts, to make sure our compensation packages are competitive and that only the best have the opportunity to serve our community as a law enforcement officer. I want the Sheriff’s Office to be reflective of the community we serve, and I will focus our hiring efforts that reflect the diversity that makes Boulder County a strong and vibrant community.
  • Addressing Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System
    I am proud of the work Sheriff Pelle has done to improve our ability to screen for mental health issues before individuals are incarcerated. I will work to reduce interactions with law enforcement and people in crisis by expanding our current co-responder program and moving to a model of law enforcement that puts these resources at the forefront of our response. As Sheriff, I will work with the state legislature to help expand services for people in crisis and make sure that only our most dangerous offenders are housed in our jail systems.
  • Expanding Community Engagement and Building Trust
    As Sheriff, I will listen to the community and always be a resource to learn new best practices and evolve with proven strategies that encourage trust. I will work to ensure that the Sheriff’s office improves its community outreach and builds a public safety network with the community. I believe in an open-door policy, where every Boulder County resident should be able to contact their sheriff and bring new ideas and opinions to the office. I will be transparent and committed to building a culture where we strive to provide exceptional service.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
    The next era of law enforcement must better reflect the community which the Sheriff’s Office serves. As Sheriff, I will recruit new members to our workforce by promoting modern practices and providing the training and opportunities to advance their careers in the organization. I will make sure that our culture is one of acceptance and support. Boulder County’s strength is its diversity and the tremendous network of support systems for traditionally underserved populations. As Sheriff, I will build upon the current relationships and open new partnerships with organizations in our community to ensure everyone feels safe coming to the Sheriff's Office with a problem. Leadership requires the ability to admit there are better ways to do things, and as Sheriff I look forward to empowering local academia to study the agency and conduct an implicit bias analysis on the practices of the organization. As Sheriff of Boulder County, I will represent the voters' visions for a new and modern criminal justice system that builds on outside relationships and organizations advocating for change related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. I will form a Sheriff’s Advisory Committee, which will include individuals from across the county. They will be able to weigh in on the new direction of the office and provide critical feedback on issues like equity, diversity, and inclusion. Together we can build a strong future for Boulder County.
  • Restorative Justice
    As Sheriff, I will work hard with our community partners and other law enforcement agencies to continue the county’s work in restorative justice. Victims of crime deserve justice in every case, and as Sheriff, I will work with the office to ensure that every case is handled in the proper manner. By implementing new training and fighting for funding to expand current restorative justice practices, we can make Boulder County a safer and more trustworthy county. Over the last few years, we have seen a tremendous increase in crime and tragic events unfold in our community. As Sheriff, I will lead a coalition of community members who want to see criminal justice reform start in our backyard. Our residents deserve a Sheriff who understands the challenges of the criminal justice system and is willing to take chances on new ideas, proven programming, and will fight for funding to ensure Boulder County remains on the forefront of the criminal justice system.
  • Disaster Response
    The Sheriff’s office is responsible for leading the response to disasters in Boulder County. Our county has been home to fires and floods, and as Sheriff I will work to build a better response network to these disasters. Over my career, I have worked on these disasters and understand how to coordinate complex interagency responses. Leadership from experience is critical when unexpected fire or flooding is on the doorsteps of resident’s homes. I will fight for improved funding and training for our first responders, and will work to lead multi-agency responses that better prepare us for the next disaster.
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