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Thank You for Your Support


Running for office is not free or inexpensive and we are grateful for your donations to share our campaign across the community. 

Write a Letter to the Editor for the Daily Camera or Times Call


Follow this link for the rules and form on how to submit a letter:  or 


Please include your thoughts on leadership, collaboration, endorsements, mental health, equity and fairness in policing, diversity and inclusion in hiring, my commitment to hiring and retaining the best employees to keep our community safe, my commitment to improve fire preparedness and evacuation processes and/or any other items that come to mind.  You are limited to 300 words in the Daily Camera, 200 in the Times Call. 


Help distribute and place yard signs throughout the county

A supporter with over a hundred properties has given me permission to put signs at all of his locations and we will need help getting all of the signs up by June 1 and taken down following the Primary on June 28.  Our team has grouped the properties in to manageable sizes (8-15) in the same geographic area.  Help by volunteering to deliver, plant and keep an eye on the signs in your zone.  


Share the campaign with your friends, neighbors, groups, clubs, etc.  If you need yard signs for others, let us know, we will deliver.  If you are part of a group that would like to have me speak, let us know. 


We are working hard to have a clear and decisive victory, please help in any way you can to make that happen!

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